I Realize..
Saturday, 12 April 2008
~I Realize~
I realize our Life are fragile..
I realize what coming up next are not what we can expected..
Unpredictable stuff could always happen without us thought it would happen..
After knowing the facts would make us realized what's important and what's precious to us..
I lost you in person but I'll never forget you in my heart..
the memories we had together in 3 months are the only memory I'd with you..
Farewell Fakur..
Today i went to seoul garden in bukit tinggi for lunch together with manda and christie..
the outgoing today was not fun as before and the korean food are not as delicious than the korean food that we had before but still we enjoyed the food there even though the food cost us alot -____-"
we went to bukit tinggi jusco right after we'd done.. ying's mum fetch (thanks aunty!)
At jusco the sony outlet i saw my dream lappie!!!! sony VAIO!!
I'm targeting the pink colour or the red one!!
so gonna get one for myself!! begging my mum to buy for me..
hopefully she will get it for me (pray) =p
That's all for today..

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I'm Bored!
Thursday, 10 April 2008
It's been awhile since I last update my blog.. Well I'm back from my National Service.. Ppl said I must be a disiplin girl after my 3months hard training there.. but i proof them wrong! I am still the lazy me! haha I even lazy to move my fingers to update my blog eventhough I'm free at home doing nothing but watching anime! haha..
let me recall back what i did on the past few days..
I went for my first driving lesson on tuesday!!
supposingly my first driving lesson was on Monday but the office girl called and said it was cancelled because the fella who suppose to fetch me from my house was busy..
I was happy the lesson cancelled but pissed at the moment because they called me when i was all ready waiting for him..
My first driving lesson was okay.. I was freak out when he asked me to drive around at the center.. it was my first time!!! luckily I "mati engin" a few times only *pwew*
well, not everyone born to drive..
I'd been watching anime all the while..
rewatching all the anime cds I owned like dragon ball, nana and so on..
I gonna enjoy to do whatever i want to do before or being lazy whenever I want before I start my college life on the 14 of april which will lead me to a new beginning.. Gonna be serious this time in college as a grown up teenager! fighting!
Ok, Nothing much in my brain now..
will stop here and will remind myself to update my blog frequently =p
*I can't wait till saturday going out for lunch with manda and ying at seoul garden bktinggi!
Gonna have a delicious meal together!

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Friday, 28 December 2007
Actually my 2nd post not suppose to be this title farewell..
have lots to post after my first post but lazyness stop me!!
forgive me Mrs Park and also Mrs Jung.. haha make you girls wait for so long..
here, this is my 2nd and also last post until 3months later only can update..
the gorverment needs me for 3months!!! haihh... stupid ns AHH!!!
the thing i will miss for the 3 months
~update of TVXQ~
~my phone~
~friends and good buddies~
~my bed~
~baby sam and marshi~
that's all for the importances ones..
will definitely miss out many things during this 3months hoping i can be patient and enjoy myself there.. but i personally don't think i can because of **** you know what i mean? hehe
anyways to sg family!!! please Please PLEASE!! UPDATE ME WITH JAEHO STUFF PLEASE!!
the most and superly important thing to me.. count on you Mrs Jung and Park..
and take good care of my carrot ya!! don't ever thing of having it!!
i think that's all..
hahaha my blog look really dead.. SUPER DEAD i can say..
will change my layout everything right after i come back from ns i promise..
before that bare with this boring blog.. -______-"
take care and see ya

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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
My Blog?

Well actually i wanted a blog very long time ago..
but i never really work my hands to create one..
as you see now my blog are plain and got nothing except for words of course..
believe it or not i dunno how to create a blog actually
the reason this blog are made are guided from my frens!!
my Dearest frens who are Mrs Park and also Mrs Jung.. haha ohh ya Mrs Kim writing here =p

anyway, my blog looked dull right? i knew it..
actually plan to start my first post after my FINAL SPM exam
but Mrs Jung(amanda) forcing me to blog something here and this is what i'm doing now..
and Mrs Park didn't really force me maybe she is busy with her chopstick?? O__O
i LOVE my carrot =)

random things i want to write here
~SPM 12 MORE DAYS to go and look what am i doing now? pssshhh
~24 nore days to DONG BANG's concert!!! Woohhooo
~I getting fatter
~head bigger?

k i should stop here if not i bet anyone of you will not continue reading already..
amanda i posted something already!! don't busy eating noodles! come and check it out! lalala

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